Holi Skin Care

Play Safe, Colour Safe

Holi is just around the corner and everyone is all set to get wild, crazy and enjoy this most colourful festival. Playing Holi with family and friends is a joy, but along with this joy, there are many other factors which may blemish your healthy skin and hair.Holi Image 1

In the fun and wildness of the festival, we many times forget the harsh effects of the colours on our skin and the best is to take precautions.
Colours available in market today are very strong and some of them are chemical mixed colours. Try to avoid such colours. Use dry colours like Gulaal to enjoy Holi as the damages caused through Gulaal are less compared with other water mixing colours.

Apply coconut or mustard oil on your body, especially on your face, hands and legs a day before the festival. Also apply it before playing with the colours. Oiling your body will help to remove the colors easily.

OilOiling your hair is as important as you oil your skin. Along with your skin, the hair too get affected with the colorurs. Grease your hair with coconut oil or any oil you wish to use. Applying hairoil will lessen the effect on colour on hair and it will also be easy to remove it.

Nowadays, the chemical colours as well as organic colours are available in market. Be wise and choose the best. Avoid chemical colours as they may damage your skin and hair. Ask your nearones too to choose organic colours over chemical ones.

After playing Holi don’t use soap to remove the colour. This may affect your skin; moreover, this may risk to dry your skin more or your skin may get rashes. Apply oil or a cream based cleanser to remove colour without much strain.

Avoid beauty treatments before a week ago of the festival. Apply dark shades on holi Imagethe nails to avoid the Holi colours to get glued on the nails. Lips are too as important as any other parts of your face. Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm/ gloss.

Do not sit in sun after playing Holi. This may effect adversely on your skin. Also m
ake sure that you bathe with water with normal temperature. Bathing in hot water may lower the possibility of removing the colour from the skin.

Protect your eyes getting in contact with colour. If the colour gets into your eyes, rinse it immediately with cold water. If the irritation in the eyes continues, then it is advisable to consult a specialist earliest. Similarly, if your skin is sOrganic Colousensitive to chemicals and while playing Holi, you feel skin irritation, then wash the part with cold water and consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.
Keep yourself hydrated as this may help to give an energy to your body as well as it will help your skin to get into those strong colours.

Try to wear clothes that are comfortable and cover your maximum body as this will help to lessen your skin’s contact with the colours reducing the ill-effect of colour on it.

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