Skin Tan? Here is Some Easy Tan Removing Tips

We usually don’t like to move out in the sun just fearing skin tanning. In summer, skin tanning is one of the major issues. Here are some easy tips to remove your skin tan.

Lemon & Sugar

Take a mixture of lemon juice and sugar, mix it well and apply it on the affected area. Lemon is a natural bleach and sugar is an excellent cleansing agent which will help to remove the dark skin on regular use.

Lemon & Sugar

Potatoes to Remove Tan

Potato is not only helpful for making French fries or aalo sabzi, but is also helpful for your skin. Yes, apply potato juice or paste on your tanned skin and see the difference.


Milk and Saffron Facepack

We are not unaware of the uses of saffron and its health benefits. This saffron is also helpful to remove your skin tans. Take few strands of saffron. Add it in warm milk and mix it well. It would be more beneficial if you add 1-2 drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your face and tanned portions. Keep it for 8-10 minutes. Give a light massage on your face and rinse your face with plain water. Using this face pack in usual gaps will help to remove the tanning.

Milk & Saffron

Cucumber- Summer Saver

Cucumber is one of the best vegetables in every sense. A helpful vegetable for summer to keep you cool, it is also helpful to your skin. Cucumber not only soothes your skin but is also helpful to reduce the tanning on your skin.


Gram flour and Turmeric

Gram flour is good for skin and turmeric in India is considered as a medicine. The mixer of both these is one of the best cure to remove the tan. Mix gram flour, turmeric and rose water pack; apply this pack on face and other tanned skin. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Give a massage and wash it away. This is one of the best tan removers and soothes your skin.Gram flour and Turmeric

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