Here Comes Rain with Lots of Diseases

We all love to dance in the rain! We Indians are too filmy in rainy season. The only thing we love during this season is the cool air breeze along with the downpour…. And who can forget those garam garam bhajiyas and a hot cup of tea! When all these are the fun things we enjoy in this season, there are also things which may shorten all these—the diseases and illness that spread along with rain. Give some time to yourself and take care of you to keep away from these diseases in this beautiful season.

Say no to outside foods

Yes, we all enjoy having a hot cup of tea and some bhajiyas and fast foods outside in this season of rain. But then remember monsoon is the season of diseases. You need to take care of everything, from eating, wearing and washing. Also, try to eat and minimum from street and restaurants during monsoon as it is unsafe to eat food from streets during this season.

Keep away the mosquitoes

Potholes, water logs, mosquitoesand unhygienic places increase the bacteria in the air. They also increase the mosquitoes. Dengue, malaria, chikungunya may easily attack your body as it’s the season when your immunity is bit low and you need to keep up with it. Mosquitoes are high during rainy season as they get a lot of places to lay eggs. Use mosquito repellents to keep away from these blood sucking flies.

How to take care of skin?

This is the season when your skin gets in touch with real mud and dirt. To keep your skin healthy, clean your skin daily with a good cleanser and then use a toner to make it healthier. As your skin gets in touch with water a lot, do not forget to moisturize it with light lotion based moisturizer.

 Healthy Diet

Who doesn’t love to wet themselves in a rain and enjoy the hot coffee with some freshly made garam garam bhajiyas. So tempting, isDietn’t it? You can definitely do it, but make sure all this is hygiene and your stomach is ready for it. This is a season when your digestive systems are bit slowly and we would never know when our stomach gets upset. So beware while putting anything into your bowel.

Try to consume fresh and hot food which should also be balanced. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to keep healthy and increase immunity.

Foot care

Crossing all the muddy roads and some of those rude ignorant four wheeler drivers who splash that rainy water just don’t care that these may affect your health and skin. You are the one who has to take care in this season. So always keep your foot and skin clean.

Feet are the body part which gets affected the most in this season. To take care of your foot in the rainy season, soak your foot in warm water, clean them and apply some moisturizer. This will help to retain the moisture in your skin. You may get with fungus infections easily on the skin so always use antifungal powder to avoid this kind of infection. Try to keep your toe nails clean during this season as dirt and mud get stocked into the toe nails easily due to rain water.


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